Water For Teachers: A podcast


Dear Teacher,


Earlier this year, I was invited by Heinemann to host a podcast for teachers. I have decided that what I’d most like to speak about with other teachers is “water”. Water as it invites us to think about calmness, hydration, memory, life, reflection, and healing. I want to host a podcast that feels "refreshing" and serves as a gentle invitation for teachers to engage with the "heart"fullness and humanity of our work. I want to move away from the idea that teachers are just people without identities who teach, and that we are unaffected by the world. We, too, are human. We have fears. We go through things. We love. We struggle. And we also need to heal so that we can lead lives full of peace, joy, and love. Like everyone else, we need water and to be watered, too

Water For teachers (WFT).

It is my hope that WFT is a space in which guests and listeners can move from logic to emotion, from the head to the heart, from thinking to feeling, and from the ego to love.


Theme: Simply, the theme of the podcast will be exploring the humanity of the humans who are in every classroom: the young people and those who have the privilege of educating them. I want this podcast to call our attention to both, reflecting on my belief that  "teaching is about working with/in the hearts and minds of young people, work that will be informed by the teacher's heart and mind as a person". Teachers, we cannot dehumanize ourselves, especially if we venture to see the inherent humanity in our students.


To bring Water For Teachers to life I am looking to collaborate with guests who teach in K-12 spaces and are open to talking vulnerably about topics such as the following:

  • Our fears as humans who want to do what's best for students... but sometimes find what's best invites us to go against colleagues, administration, parents, other students, making us uncomfortable and requiring us to confront our fears about job security, isolation, loss of status, etc;

  • Our ability to love as humans and how we express that love in the classroom;

  • Our complicated identities as humans and how they inform how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us;

  • The power of vulnerability and being honest about our imperfect humanity;

  • Our socialization and attempts to confront beliefs about others and ourselves that we have learned to accept but need to let go;

  • Where we find joy in teaching; 

  • What gets us through the hard days;

  • Where we go for peace;

  • ...and Our humanity.

Each episode will begin with a letter penned by a student. It is the theme of the letter that will guide our conversation. I anticipate that the conversations may last anywhere between 20-30 minutes. If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please complete the quick survey shared below:

Interest survey

In peace and love,

Shamari (my bio)


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