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Objectification of the Black Body

To my Brothers and Sisters, they love when You post a picture half-dressed. Showing Black skin. Black features. Black legs. Black curves. Black breasts. Black dick. Objectification of the Black body will get you a thousand likes and numerous comments complete with heart emojis. However, post something proclaiming that Black lives matter and you’ll be the only one who shows that post any love. I ain’t saying stop posting whatever you want, I’m just saying: “you gotta watch ‘em”. Because believing that Black Lives Matter and deriving pleasure from (fetishizing) the Black anatomy are not the same thing. Don’t be fooled, my brothers and sisters. Never forget how they loved Beyoncé...until she dropped the Formation video. Then, they were organizing boycotts of her music and calling her divisive, unpatriotic, & anti police. They wanted her to shut up and just sing. Not unlike their requests for Black athletes to shut up and just play. Please don’t be fooled. We can use our bodies for their pleasure and entertainment but never to raise sociopolitical consciousness. where dey do dat at?

🤔 make it make sense!

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