• Shamari

el día 8 de febrero de 2018

Don’t worry about anything that doesn’t feel real for you. So, today was a good day for me. ..something that I’ve been thinking about a lot today is a, making sure I achieve balance in all things--making sure I’m pushing myself to new levels, but also honoring past progress and the spaces of success that I currently occupy. What am I going to do about these fools? I’m over them. I wanna fight them. I wanna yell at them. Fuck them. Fuck everybody who goes through the world as they do--with an insane amount of privilege. Yesterday my professor told us to be true and authentic in all things….I didn’t realize how hard that was..she asked us to write a memoir and to use any form we wanted, but I could only think of one form----the formal BS style of writing that I’ve been conditioned to regard as “academic” and “superior” to all others forms...FUCK...I couldn’t break from there..I was,..IDK..I’m tired…


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