• Shamari

el día 24 de febrero de 2018

What is this life, y’all? LIke, what is it really? What are we supposed to do here? I’m going to shoot the 2nd part of my life history today, and I’m super excited. I know it will get me closer to answering the question I posed above. It will help me connect the dots. In other news, people are still racist AF. People still think there’s something wrong with folks from minoritized communities. They still say shit like Black kids’ parents don’t care about their education, Black students are less capable, Black girls are just sassy AF and don’t wanna follow rules, Black and Brown kids are rowdy and loud! Like, I’m so over it. It’s simple- if you think there is anything wrong with Black and Brown people, you are racist! Point. Blank. Period. I’m so tired of educators saying shit like, “ I believe in Black and Brown people but the fact is that they do trail behind their white peers in test scores, GPAs, and other formal measures of intelligence”. That shit, though it seems innocuous, is racist! They don’t trail behind anyone. Their intelligence isn’t inferior, it’s different. Their ways of being and approach to life isn’t inferior, it’s different. When will we stop regarding differences as deficiencies????!! WTF!! Like FUCK! People are allowed to be different…..better yet, they should...they should (excuse me, John)..they should be different! But we teach them that their differences are deficiencies and should be masked. They learn to hide parts of themselves. They learn to hate themselves. Why are we even talking about changing students when the ONLY conversation we should be having is how to change society and schools---the kids are fine! And Imma still strong on that ish! Sorry, y’all. But I’ve been getting into a lot of fights with teachers close to me because they keep trying to convince me that Black and Browns kids are inferior because their tests scores are different than their white classmates. ...and I don’t give a fuck about test scores...we know that shit ain’t real. Those tests don’t measure shit!! You hear me?!?! If they took tests on Black culture and language, I betchu all those white kids would get lower schools than their Black counterparts BUT that wouldn’t mean they were would just mean that their knowledge of culture is different and definitely shaped by their raced beings… One of these days, y’all….one of these days other ways of being will be valued in schools---that’s the only way forward.


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