• Shamari

Wake up, Mr. West!

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Kanye 😂😂. But you know it’s like i always say: all these folks who claim to be anti racist are anti black. It’s disgusting, but it’s the truth. These are the same folks who praise Barack but speak ill of Cardi B. These are the same people who believe in respectability. They wanna “uplift” black ppl by trying to convince us to conform and assimilate to dominant (white culture). We’ve heard this shit for years. Booker T and so many others. They’re dangerous. Like, if you want me to behave in a way that’s outside of who I am, you ain’t helping. Bye, Kanye. And if Chance keeps this shit up, imma 86 his ass too. And to all the folks saying that it’s a free country and ppl should be able to say what they want, I agree. Kanye and all the rest of them fools can say what they want, but I don’t have to fuck with them. And you know what’s crazy-we only hear this argument when it has to do with anti black folks. Like, they always pressing us to accept anti black ppl. But When they’re anti other shit, we’re supposed to drop them. Nah! Miss me with the BS. I refuse to support someone who espouses the BS that’s come from Kanye’s mouth. It’s dangerous. And it’s poisonous. He’s just like Charlemagne and Wendy Williams at this point. None of them are good for our ppl. Imma hold them accountable!


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