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el día 15 de febrero de 2018

Last night I had a nightmare. It ended with me telling everyone in my family that I hated them….yikes. I know they say dreams have meaning, but what could this mean?

We were all staying in a house: (me, Jaron, Rashida (Jaron’s sister), Rashida’s 3 children, Kamilia (my sister), my mother, Chill (mother’s husband), and Ashiyah ( my niece)...oh, and maybe Kamilia’s kids were there, too. So, we were all planning our afternoon and I suggested that due to to the weather we should checkout the nearby park. Everyone was kind of on board, but wanted to know more about it. So, I walked to the park and took note of the all things that could be done there. I even located the food spots that were around. I got back to the house and shared my findings with my fam. They said it sounded great---they were all looking forward to it. I was most excited about taking Ashiyah to the park because it had so many cool looking slides. I picked out my outfit, took a shower, and decided I would take a quick nap. It was like 10am and we had decided to go around noon. I woke up around 11:45am to to find that I was in the house alone. I called my mama and she said: Oh, I’m at a casino with Chill. We dropped Ashiyah with someone we met. We wanted some alone time. Imma call you later. I called Jaron--he didn’t answer. Kamilia didn’t answer. I was like “what the fuck???”” Did we not have plans? And if there was a change of plans, why couldn’t they let me know? Wow!! Now I know how much I (don’t) mean to them. They all came home around 8pm. The first person I yelled at was Rashida (which is weird cuz she and I have never had an argument). I said: I’m sorry, but I’m not fucking with any of y’all. That was triflin’! Like, what happened!? Why didn’t you say anything?! She just responded that she knew how I felt. So, I started packing my bags...I was about to leave and didn’t wanna see any of them again. My mama came down and said I was overreacting..fuck her..fuck all of them..Bye! I packed my shit and left...then, I woke up.. What do dreams mean? What does this dream mean?

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