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el día 11 de febrero de 2018

Wow! Connect the dots. That’s what this is really all about I think. I mean, everything we’ve ever done and that’s happened for us is to prepare for something that’s still to come. That’s crazy!! Like, it’s all connected. I used to think that some events “made sense” and happened for me, but that others were just random meaningless blips. I think i was wrong. After doing that life history interview I realize that my life has been just one big connection—an amorphous constellation, but a constellation nonetheless. And it’s mine. It belongs to me. But I’m becoming more and more comfortable sharing it with those I love. I can’t believe those guys got me to be so raw and uncut on camera. What does this mean for me? What has prompted this change? This desire to share myself? This unapologetic attitude? Hmmm. On another note, I’m ready to burn the academy down from the inside. It’s an oppressive institution and it must go. Imma still stand strong on that.

It’s always been important for me to find A partner who values me. Who doesn’t expend energy trying to change me because they’d rather spend it loving me. That’s beautiful. And i learned how good that felt at an early age. I learned about true love as a tot. My sister showed me. She loved me for real. Never invited me to change. I could just be with her. Not many people allow me to do that. And that’s what i need. Hell, That’s what I deserve!

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