::Research interests & methodology:: 

My research interests are around Black youth advocacy, Black youth agency, Black youth activism, and Black youth healing and what contemporary conceptualizations of these mean for transformative teacher education. I am particularly interested in collaborating with Black youth to explore the possibilities of involving them in praxis (YPAR) around their agency, activism, and advocacy and what they could mean for the preparation of their teachers. My exploration of this research is informed by the epistemological and methodological  traditions of Black Feminist Thought, Queer of Color Agency, and critical YPAR. 



My research methodology is driven by the interests shared above and grounded in

(a)Black Feminist Thought (BFT) as methodology (see Patterson, Kinloch, Burkhard, Randall, & Howard, 2016) which invites those of us who are genuine in our love and respect for Black women and their intellectuality to intentionally silence and decenter ourselves and dominant narratives, so that the interpretations of the world from Black women positionalities can take center stage;

(b) critical Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) with Black youth ( see Caraballo, Lozenski, Lyiscott, & Morrell, 2017), which moves us beyond traditional researcher-participant relationships to co-explore phenomena important to Black youth, while simultaneously honoring and valuing their local knowledges;

and (c) Queer of Color agency (see Brockenbrough, 2015; Love, 2017) which requires that we advance  beyond victimization narratives of BlackQueers to unearth critical narratives and enterprises of BlackQueer agency.

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