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"That ain't got nothing to do with me"

Shamari Reid| May 2, 2018

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The gift of sight. There are many things that once you see [them] can never be unseen.

Blackness, at least for me, is one of them.  In mentioning

Blackness, I am not referring to just the color; Similarly, my use of “sight” doesn’t directly speak to the sense that some may associate with the in/ability to process visuals with our eyes. I mean


Blackness that raised me. The

Blackness that is and will always be magic. Love. Strength. Soul. Energy. Human.

Blackness raised me with all its beauty, brilliance, and boldness. I could never unlearn that. I always knew that Blackness was special. It came from a different place. It was dreamlike. I could never “unsee” that; I could never "unfeel" that. I always knew that

Blackness and the people it birthed were dope. We were powerful beyond measure. We were everything. Hell, we still are. 

At the center of the universe I am sure you will find

Blackness, as

Blackness (and Black lives) not only matter, but are the base of all matter. It is because of this early exposure that I never needed to unlearn or relearn anything about

Blackness. I knew what it was (at least for me).

Blackness was the rain-like sound during fish fries in the country. There was no rain, just perfectly fried fish.

Blackness was the cowboys of color rodeos. Grandma Smiley’s sweet potato pies.

Blackness be a femme queen.

Blackness was “lemonade”. It was joy. Hope. It was my mama gliding through our living room telling me that “ I think she don’t got it when she do”. It was every scene depicted in Beyoncé's formation video. All of that bomb ass visual album. It was Whitney’s voice. Nina’s, too. Serena's passion; Malcolm X’s passion, and his growth. And it was most certainly Ailey's Revelations. Baldwin.

Blackness was seasoning. Patience and kindness. The way that we laugh.

Blackness was ballroom culture. 

Blackness was the little girl with the puff balls who owned the block. Her older brother. Her Ratchet girlfriends who created pop culture but were never credited. Morrison, Toni. Because

Blackness got so.much.damn.swag the little girl will rock braids tomorrow and still own the block. Miss

Blackness "is still fucking here" despite all the [redacted]. Now that's Major.

Blackness introduced style and flair to basketball and really all the sports we watch today. It is not only she or he. They, too, are


Blackness had to be the feeling(s) I enjoyed while playing video games with my sister, charades with my aunt, and singing and dancing with my cousin. It was THE experience. It is because of

Blackness that I am all that I am, and that I am where I am, not despite of it. It is human.

Blackness is proof that the universe will always give you all that you need. It's us.

Blackness is the greatest gift we have ever received; We are the greatest gift the world has ever received.

So, how was it possible that others would not be able to fathom how

Blackness could be so extraordinary?-I used to ask myself. Then, I discovered that many of them could not see/experience/taste/feel

Blackness because all their senses were mired in whiteness. The difference between

Blackness and whiteness is that those of us who live

Blackness understand that it has nothing to do with anybody or anything else. It does not depend in any way, shape, or form on any other particle that exists apart from it. However, this whole whiteness thing (and the people it creates) derives its power and understanding from its distinction from everything else. That is, it only exists to counter all which is not whiteness. It is dependent.

Blackness derives its energy from within. We are independent.

Blackness tells everyone who has lived it that “ all of that ain't got nothing to do with you”. In sharp contrast, whiteness maintains for some that their sense of self emanates from their flawed and dangerous belief in the inhumanity and inferiority of others; whiteness whispers to its subscribers “ all of that ain't better than you.”

Blackness is the many non conforming energies that love can take via the human body. For more: read Black Love

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